Top 9 Tips for Home Sellers this Spring

Posted by Drew MacIntosh on April 2, 2014
I know when you look outside, it's hard to convince you that spring is here. Yet, it will soon be time to get your house ready to sell. Use these 9 tips to prepare your home for the spring market: 1. Lose it Now that you can see the ground and temperatures are above zero, it's time for your things to go where they belong. For those awesome presents you received for Christmas... now is the time to ...

9 Things House Hunters Can Ignore

Posted by Deb Lawson on March 20, 2014
Buying a home can be overwhelming. When viewing homes, don't focus on things that need a little fixing, polishing, or reworking ─ try to look beyond these aesthetic negatives to find the happy foundation that lies beneath. These 9 minor home issues have easy fixes: Wallpaper (floral borders, chickens wearing bonnets, etc.) No matter how much it disagrees with your style, ...

3 Major Factors that Impact the Sale of Your Home

Posted by Rema Miri on January 29, 2014
   1.  Price The most significant factor that impacts the sale of your home is the price. The most accurate way to determine the correct market value of your home is to research recent sales in your neighbourhood that have a similar layout and condition.  Something very important to consider is that if buyers are viewing your home, they are likely viewing similar homes ...

Wants, Needs, and Brick Walls

Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on January 22, 2014
We recently started watching some TV programs we normally don’t watch. W Network was at the top of the list with Property Brothers. It was interesting watching from the outside in as, couple after couple, buyer after buyer, gave their list of "needs" to their REALTOR®, and then became incredulous if the REALTOR® showed them everything they asked for in a house ...

Winterizing Windows and Doors

Posted by Pamela Prescott on December 11, 2013
  As temperatures are beginning to drop, heating bills may be on the rise as this chilly season approaches. Here are some tips on winterizing the windows and doors of your home to lower your heating bills, promote regular maintenance, and get your home ready for winter. It's important to inspect all of your windows and evaluate if they need replacing or maintenance. As windows get older ...

The Key to Profitable Home Ownership

Posted by Gary Arora on November 26, 2013
  Real estate has always been considered a long-term investment that appreciates in value. When money is lost in the real estate market, it’s usually due to selling a property too quickly and not allowing the property value to increase enough. Real estate markets rise and bottom out in a cyclic fashion, so before a home is re-sold, current market conditions must be taken into account. ...
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