​Heat savings over hardwood: Survey reveals shift in home buyers’ desires

Posted by CENTURY 21 Canada on October 7, 2014
The Canadian dream home has a new laundry list of “must haves” Utility bills can cost a homeowner even more when they go to sell their property according to the CENTURY 21® Canadian Home Critics Survey. In the results, which expose purchasers' motivations and turn offs, Canadians overwhelmingly report that they would select a home with energy efficiency upgrades (41%) over updated finishings like granite ...

Goodbye Summer! 4 Ways To Welcome Fall With Home Décor

Posted by Helen Harder on October 3, 2014
Fall means more than pumpkin spice lattes and turkey meals on Thanksgiving. It doesn't just mean that winter is coming, but it signifies change. Leaves change from green to yellow, orange and red. Temperature drops from blistering heat to slightly cooler. We even change our wardrobe from t-shirts and shorts, to sweaters and cozy scarves. One thing people often forget they can change is their home ...

Are Your "Must Haves" Really a Must?

Posted by Michelle Rose Andreacchi on September 23, 2014
When you’re ready to buy a home, you usually have a wish list that helps narrow down the criteria to make the search process more accurate. Here are some considerations you should make before finalizing your list 1. "I need GRANITE countertops." This is a very common item for home buyers. Countertops can be fabulous and they are very easy to upgrade or replace. Do some research before ruling ...

Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Posted by Jeff Sim on September 23, 2014
Winter can be hard on a home as well as us living through it. Here are some things that will help your home survive the winter and make you more comfortable at the same time. Furnace inspection and filterYour furnace may not have been running much since last winter. A clogged or dirty air filter impedes the flow of warm air. Some rooms may not heat up enough and you wind up turning up the thermostat. ...

Renting 101 – How to Find “A+” Student Tenants

Posted by Gurcharan Garry Bhaura on August 29, 2014
The real estate market is swarming with students as more choose to live in private accommodations, compared to on-campus residences. One of the major hurdles landlords face when renting their property to students is the lack of trust. It can be stressful for landlords to find tenants that will obey their terms and often credential checks aren’t possible. When renting a property to students, have ...

​A REALTOR® Is Your Hero – Escape The Emotional Negotiation

Posted by Eric Chan on August 14, 2014
The negotiation process of real estate can be a very turbulent ride. It is an emotional process when it comes to money, and sometimes it can get very heated. While it seems trivial to have a REALTOR® proxy the negotiation, it is very important in getting a deal. A REALTOR® is able to filter out tactics designed to evoke an emotional response, such as "The place needs renos," or "Not sure if it’s ...
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