Community Involvement

My involvement with the Chamber of Commerce has been full of ups and downs.  The completion of the 2010 Business Directory has been another huge success and the improvement of the web site has given me great satisfaction. 

Having a good friend removed from his position do to many issues has been tough.  Being put in a position to have to make a stand for what is right for the chamber has ended a great relationship.  Being chastised by the local media for doing wrong when the bottom line is this is a volunteer position and everyone on board of directors has put therebest foot forward.  It seems to be a no win situation when it comes to the Sturgeon Post and his total negative attitude towards anyone who doesn't agree with his philosophy of how it is to be.

Yet, on a brighter note, efforts to improve the "Gary's Good Works" program is moving forward.  The Boy's and Girl's club of Fort Saskatchewan will be in fine form at this years Trade Fair.  We look forward in being a part of the growth with this club and hope to be here for a long time.  Thank you Wendy.

In closing in this Blog.  As much as individuals try to bring you down and crush the inner spirit that drives you, take a look at the big picture and find a ray light to ride on.


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