Happy Holidays

Among the many December activities we have planned, whether it is Christmas shopping, family events, or work Christmas parties, house hunting is among the list for some people. This can play into the advantage of the buyer. With many people focused on other things, there seems to be a decrease in the amount of active buyers in the market. Using simple economics, when there is a decrease in demand, and increase in supply, all else equal, we can expect a decrease in price. Now of course that is not always true considering cost (seller) is not always the same when comparing similar product. There are still some deals to be had for the buyer willing to brave the icy roads and flexibilty to work around the busy holiday schedule. As a buyer, do not let the time of year discourage you from actively shopping for your next home. In fact let the situation be an encouragement to actively pursue your interest. 


With that being said, have a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season and if there is anything I can do to help you search for your next home, please contact me at 780-966-3234 or email me at tom.lowe@century21.ca


Merry Christmas 


Tom Lowe

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