Main Street Grill now open in Gibbons!!

I check out my Facebook this morning and what do I see?

The Day has Finally Come!

It’s finally open!  Like many of us who are regularly in Gibbons, I have been watching and waiting for The Main Street Grill to open it’s doors.  There has been much talk and rumor, but today was the first chance to get in 
and finally see what this great new restaurant would bring to town!

With the Mainstreet Grill, The Deruins' are using a business model which they have proven to be successful with their other restaurant  in Redwater, Kick’s Cantina.  The Mainstreet Grill  is a licenced restaurant which caters to the 18+ demographic, not unlike the very successful restaurant chain Original Joe’s.  Even though there is no family seating, they make sure no one in the community is left out by also offering take-out!


I see Mainstreet Grill  as being a great place to relax and enjoy great food.  Whether it be going out with company of good friends, finding a place to get away from the kids without having to go to a bar or the city, or being a place where you can conduct business, this place is a winner.


Being in Real Estate, there are often times when i find it is ideal to stop at a restaurant to discuss the needs of clients or to write up an offer on a home.  This will be a great place to bring clients, and expect there will be many breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings held here by other local businesses as well.


We arrived at the Restaurant shortly before 9am and were happy to see a few familiar faces there already looking at menus deciding what to try.  The Mayor and councellors were even having a quick meeting over breakfast.  The Mainstreet Grill is owned and Operated by the Derouins’ and the whole family was there.  It’s great to see a family with a heritage that stretches back over 100 years still investing their time and efforts in the same community.  While they could have chosen anywhere to put their business, they chose their home town.  If that doesn’t help build a sense of community, I don’t know what does.


The restaurant is nicely decorated, and has a great historical flavour to it.  There is a country theme and there are plenty of heritage pictures you can look at that give a bit of history about Gibbons.  The dingin area is open, bright, and very welcoming.  It was quite nice to pull up a seat and have a view of the whole main street and watch the morning go by.  I can only imagine how entertaining it will be to watch the Town Wide Garage Sale from inside next September.


Jonathan Derouin gave us a tour of the facility and they definitely have the capacity to deal with a large volume of diners.  While the dining room is spacious and welcoming, the kitchen and food prep area is massive.  I can see people being able to come in on a lunch hour and the kitchen being able have them fed and back to work without any worry of being late.


Our server Ashley was very friendly, and we were happy to learn that she too is a resident of Gibbons.  My initial thought of the Mainstreet Grill is that it will not only be a great place to eat, but it will be an assett to the community by offering employment to Gibbons and area residents which is always helpful in a small community.


Now lets talk about the menu!  The breakfast menu is great, and served all day.  It has the solid options that most everyone is looking for in a breakfast with an added bonus that I have not seen since Humpty’s in the 1990s, PEROGIES.  While I did not get to the perogies this morning, you can be sure I will be back to try them next time I stop by for Breakfast.


Rick, Susan and I decided to go with the Standard favorites, Rick had the Mainstreet Scrambler - Pan fries, 2 eggs, peppers, onions and cheese, Susan had the Mainstreet Breakfast - 2 Eggs and Bacon and Tater Tots, and I had the Mainstreet Meat Lovers Omelette - Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese in a 2 egg omelette.


The wait time for our breakfast was minimal and our breakfasts all brought to out table together.  It all smelled delicious and tasted fantastic.  I was exceptionally impressed with my omelette.  I am used to having deli sliced ham in an omelette but this was different.  When Mrs. Derouin came up to me I asked about it.  They use a specially seasoned oven baked bone-in ham for their omelettes which is absolutely delicious.  It has a great smoky flavour and could quite possibly could be the best omelette I have ever had.  It’s the little things that make a difference between a good breakfast and a great breakfast, this was definitely great.


Rick, Susan and I all enjoyed our meals, and we look forward to dining at the Mainstreet Grill again in the near future.  I wish this new local business well!  It has all the makings of a great restaurant that will serve the community for many years.  This restaraunt is not only a great addition to Gibobns, but great for all of the rural Sturgeon County and Bon Accord residents in the area.  If you are local, stop by, if you are not,  make the trip.  You will be glad you did!


Next time I stop by, I will be having the Fish and Chips.  12 bucks for 2 pieces is a pretty good deal, and being that it’s Haddock, my favorite, I am already looking forward to it!


Have you been by?  Share your thoughts about your experience.

Happy Dining and Thanks for Reading!!


Patrick Milligan

Century 21 1st Choice Realty

Gibbons, AB


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