May is the time for Condos

With the addition of another condo complex to our list of listing we are pretty well covered for any type of need.  Century 21 1st Choice Realty has 90 condo units available to the public.  Prices range from a one bedroom apartment style condo for $197,000 to a full size duplex style with a double front attached garage for $335000.

This is the time a first time buyer should take advantage of these $200,000.00 condos.  With rent being where it is these units offer an affordable way to enter into the market.  As history has proved these units will become a great dollar value to anyone's portfolio.

For those entering the semi or retirment stage of life these duplex units represent a classy brand new home with ability to travel and not worry about the maintenance required in standard home living.  Two cars? not a problem!  These executive style homes are equipped with double front attached garages.

Finally, we have Walnut Grove.  These two storey and bungalow style condos with front attached single garages are great for the single person starting out or a middle aged person who just loves the luxury and convenience of day to day living.

Any of these choices will fit all walks of life.  Thinking of owning a condo.  Call Gary Gordon at Century 21 1st Choice Realty.


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