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We began using SKYPE in my office a few months ago with the intention of using it so myself, the Broker could go on holiday's and be able to be in contact with the office.  I'm a little anal about that.

I was dealing with an elderly couple at the time I was leaving for a short holiday to Arizona and my clients were a little stressed about my absense.  Even with having a strong experienced realtor watching my files they felt that I was doing them a disservice by leaving.  I felt bad for the them and the situation they were in.  They lived in the same house for over 40 years and never thought of moving until he became ill and she had to start taking care of business for the both of them.

In discussion with them I told them that due to technology and the systems I create in the office we could stay in touch at any given time.  Sceptical, they reluctantly agreed.  While on my short one week holiday an offer came in on the home.  My realtor emailed me and set up an appointment for the five of us to meet at the office.  The couple, my managing realtor, the selling realtor and of course me on SKYPE.  The offer was presented and within 15 minutes of discussion the deal was done and my clients were extremely happy.  The smile on her face when I returned home was priceless.  When I returned we removed conditions and the home was sold. 

This accidental plan of attack opened my eyes to many other situations that could occur.  Simply speaking, referrals.  Imagine, having a client come in and say they have been transferred to a new location in the country.  Setting a second appointment at the office and then with a grand surprise introduce your client to the recipient of the referral across the table on the monitor.  Not only can your client  communicate through email but we can establish instant credibility with the client.  Now sign here Mr. Vendor and lets get started marketing your home.

Gary Gordon

SKYPE: gary.gordon14

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