Safe Driving Tips

General Travel Tips

  • Remain focused on the driving task. Do not allow yourself to become distracted while driving.  Resist applying cosmetics, reading or calls on your cell phone when driving
  • Give preference to busy, well-lighted streets. When travelling in an unknown area, drive in the same lane closest to the center of the roadway
  • If you are driving somewhere you are not familiar with, plan your route and check a map before you start out
  • If you travel a regular route,  make yourself familiar with businesses along the way that stay open late in the event you need emergency assistance
  • Keep spare change in your car for a taxi, bus fare or telephone calls in case of a breakdown
  • Keep your vehicle in good working order and the gas tank at least half full
  • When operating your vehicle, keep the doors locked and windows up
  • While driving, leave enough space between your vehicle and the one in front of you
  • When stopped at traffic lights or in traffic, allow space between you and the vehicle in front of you so you can drive away if necessary
  • If someone approaches your vehicle and attempts to enter, blow your horn to attract attention and drive away
  • Many people consider a cellular phone to be a good investment in safety
  • Do not pick up hitchhikers
  • Do not open your window if someone approaches your vehicle to ask for directions, the time, etc.  Keep the doors locked
  • Do not stop for a stranded motorist.  Instead, use your cellular phone or go to the nearest telephone booth and call the police for assistance
  • Beware of "staged" incidents sometimes known as a “bump and rob” in which another driver makes intentional contact with another vehicle and then attempts to rob the victim.  If you are involved in a minor collision under suspicious circumstances, stay in your vehicle with the doors locked and the windows up and await the police.  If you believe you are in possible danger, write down the license plate of the other vehicle and drive to a safe location to report the incident to the police
  • Carry in your car, a flashlight, maps, extra clothing, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, empty gas can, Call Police sign and a cellular phone



*Compliments of the Police Department of Waterloo

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