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Communities.....You asked for it Century 21. Here it is!!


As Owner and Broker of one of Century 21 franchises the idea of creating a community profile began with Century 21 but I have taken it to the ultimate level. As per www.garygordon.ca

My Company "The Wirks", is looking for individuals or a group who is prepared to become the "voice" of their community - the "link" to everything in your town or city!

"The Wirks" is a unique business model that provides entrepreneurs with "the works" - a complete, turnkey small business - on the internet (hence the "i" in Wirks). The model includes an "ultra-local" internet radio station that is linked to the community through a website, Facebook page and Twitter page. Combined, these media's promote not only "everything that is going on" in your town/city, but also a unique way to promote all the businesses in your town/city through advertising plus control one entity of communications.

We believe that "The Wirks" would be a tremendous revenue generating tool for you and an opportunity to promote your Century 21 brand and commitment in the community. It has been our experience in Fort Saskatchewan that "The Wirks" model has indeed become "the portal" to everything in town - It has been Fort residents' first choice when searching for ultra local news, information or links to the community. Our company was nominated as Small Business of the year by the Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce in October of 2012.

I invite you to visit www.thewirks.com for further information. Click on the "Samples" on the home page to view Fort Saskatchewan's and Laughlin, Nevada. Ultra-local voice of the community. (www.fortradio.com) or (www.laughlinradio.com)

We are presently ready to expand and I want our Brand "Century 21" to be the community of the future.

Gary Gordon

Direct:  780 951 2991

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