just a few little tips

Just a few tips for your home,

1.Ventalation system-all filters should be clean and ducts and registers free of obstruction.

2.Energy Inefficiency-is common in older homes. To prevent heat loss, use weather stripping and caulk window gaps.

3. Keeping house hold appliances clean and up to date can significantly curd your household's energy consumption. Schedule your heating and cooling system checkup every 2 years.

4. Feeling the heat this summer? Close blinds or drapes on the south and west facing windows, use dishwashers and clothes dryers only at night, install ceiling fans and consider using a portable air conditioner.

5. Rodents can be an issue-seal any cracks or holes, mice can squeeze through holes that are the size of a dime.

These are just a few things to help keep your home and you comfortable.

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