10 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Realtor®

Hire a Realtor


If you are thinking of selling your home, starting the process with a great real estate sales representative is the first step to your success.

When looking for a Realtor® that will work best with you, interview three to five people to get a good idea what each one has to offer. Not every Realtor® will be the right fit for your area.

Here are 10 questions to help you in your Realtor® search:

  1. What is the experience of the Realtor®?
    How many years have they been in the business? How many sales have they completed? What is their knowledge of the area: Do they concentrate in one district? Learn about their training and education.
  2. How experienced is their office?
    How many years have they been in business? What is their sales track record?

  3. Do they have a marketing plan?
    Learn how their marketing plan has made them successful in the past, and about their marketing plans for your home.

  4. How much will it cost to sell your home?
    Remember, the lowest cost Realtor® is not always the best one. Find out what services and expertise they offer to get your home sold quickly.

  5. Have they won awards?
    Which awards have they or their office received? What are their major accomplishments in real estate?

  6. Do they have testimonials?
    Have them forward any testimonials that they can to you, so you can get a feel for the experience of working with them.

  7. What is their motivation?
    Is the Realtor® motivated to sell your home? What drives them?
  8. How thorough is their web presence?
    Do they have a website? Are they on social media? What reach do they have with home buyers online?

  9. Do they use print marketing?
    Find out if and where they advertise in print publications.
  10. How will they price your home?
    The highest price is not always the best to sell your home. A good Realtor® will educate you on a sound market price for your property. If your home is overpriced, that will hinder your success selling it.

Don’t let just anyone list your home! Have a true professional come in that has the attitude to get your home sold sooner and for the right price.

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