7 Ways to Maximize Small Living Spaces

Is clutter driving you nuts? Are you thinking of selling your home and want it to show BIG?

Here are seven tips to help make any small space look large:

1. small space storageWeed out the extras.

A yard sale will alleviate some clutter as will a trip to the local goodwill shop. A rule of thumb: Anything you haven't needed in a year can go.

2. Bookcases are for more than books!

Your walls are your vertical friends for storage, and good shelving can include plants, valuables, artwork, and more!

3. Wall-mounted entertainment systems.

Entertainment cabinets are so pre-2000! Free up floor space by going with sleek bolt-in mounts (just make sure they're anchored properly).

4. Don't pile it - hang it!

This is especially true in kitchens where you can use pot racks, hanging baskets, and even wall-mounted shelving units.

5. Maximize cabinets and closets with organizers.

Poor use of cabinet space can easily waste more than 30% of usable “hidden” space. There's great hardware out there to organize the interior of your cabinets and closets.

6. Go below.

A raised bed is an easy way to free up storage space equal to the square footage of your bed. Using baskets and drawers can ensure the below-the-bed storage remains tidy as well.

7. Paint light.

Dark walls make small rooms feel even smaller. For those rooms that feel a little too cozy for comfort, dial up the brightness with a fresh coat of a light coloured paint.

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