A Thousand Blog Posts Strong!

What does it feel like to write and publish more than 1,000 blog posts in a period of 14 months!?

Just ask the folks at Century 21 In Town Realty in Vancouver, British Columbia, who hit that auspicious mark this month (Craig Rushton was the blogger behind the 1000th post). The office has been a front-of-the-pack trendsetter across the country when it comes to real estate blogging.

With more than 80 employees, the Vancouver office is also a pioneer in the area of  "video-logging" (on-camera blogging). Here is an example of one of Century 21 In Town Reality's 3 dozen video-logs: Barry Connerty discusses the fortunes of Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart and Telus, and how that relates to real estate. (He's speaking to a web cam mounted on the rear-view mirror of his car.... Hopefully he pulled over before starting to make the video!)

The West Coast blogging overachievers are led by owner Michael LaPrairie. He's an early adopter of all things web: He's taken Search Engine Optimization (SEO) courses, is heavily involved in the Showcase21 Photos initiative by Century21.ca, and an eager practitioner of the Google AdWords campaigns encouraged by CENTURY 21 Canada.

Michael explains why his brokers and sales representatives blog regularly. "We're told that blogging is the best way to get content out onto the web - and by blogging our inventory, our solds and the real estate marketplace, the consumer will hopefully rely on us for credible real estate news and keeping a pulse on the market."

He observes, "More people today are going to the Internet to investigate their next major purchase. Ask yourself this question "when was the last time you - Mr./Mrs. Consumer - found a major purchase in a newspaper or magazine?"

Michael says getting the Century 21 In Town Realty team to embrace blogging "wasn't easy...but what is? It took time, convincing, leading by example, proving the system works... We got guidance from our franchisor and their peers."

He adds, proudly: "We start every Friday now by requesting that the team blogs; the goal is soon to blog Fridays and Wednesday, to get the team into a system and let it flow from there. I'm really enjoying the process and the team is too!

Blogging Coast to Coast

Kudos to the other top-blogging realtors across Canada - a far sight back from Century 21 In Town Realty - but together pushing another couple of hundred posts into the blogosphere between them:

Century 21 Service Plus in Brossard, QC

Century 21 Advantage in Red Deer, AB

Century 21 River Valley Realty in St. John, NB

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