A lesson on Leadership from an 8 year old.

This weekend my team and I ran in the Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay.  This is a great event that helps send kids with special abilities or that need financial assistance to summer camp.  There is a young boy that attends this event every year. When asked why; he tells people it is because his brother loves to go to camp and he wants to help other kids with special abilities go. He had a goal of running 110 laps.  That's FORTY FOUR kilometres. 

As soon as the event began he started to run in his bare feet. He ran in the hot sun of the day, he ran through the rain at night. He lifted the spirits of all the tired runners and on-lookers. His energy and enthusiasm was infectious. It was a remarkable lesson in leadership. He ran, he smiled and he made everyone else smile. It ten and a half hours this little guy had already reached his goal. He did an extra ten laps the following morning just to help inspire the runners that had been up all night. That's forty eight kilometres!

I have attached a brief video I took of this amazing young boy. This kid talks the talk, walks the walk and run's the run! Leadership is about taking action and this young man in a true leader. It was my privilege to spend 24 hours around him.  As a side note: Our team raised eighteen thousand dollars for Easter Seals. THANK YOU to all our friends clients and partners who supported us and this very worthwhile cause.  A big thank you to all who donated and to Jonathan for being such an inspiration to everyone there!



Steven Bergg is with CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty in Kelowna, BC


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