Always expect the Unexpected - In Real Estate that is.....

One of my recent listings was an older home in a very nice neighbourhood.  Typically it was not the only home for sale in the neighbourhood, but unfortunately it WAS the only unrenovated home on the market.  Having said that, it was beautiful and absolutly spotless in every way.

Agents Open houses in my area are typically held on the same day at the same time, and to my delight the renovated home around the corner just happened to be holding theirs on the same day as mine.  Which of course meant that I had lots and lots of traffic coming through my listing.

The other home was done to the nines!!  Granite & potlights and hardwood as far as the eye could see, with a beautifully finished walkout apartment in the basement.  It was also on the market for 150k more and with good reason.  As I have said, my listing was nicely presented but you could not pretend it did not need updating of the kitchen and bathroom.  Nevertheless I was quietly confident that we would reach near to the asking price given the location of the home.

On the evening that we were accepting offers I was astounded.  The place was milling with agents.  I had been expecting maybe 2 or 3 offers, but was delighted to eventually receive SEVEN.  The offers were all great and yet quite varied in price and conditions. The Sellers finally sold the home for 98K over asking.  The lady who was selling it was almost speechless with joy and delighted since she was retired and the proceeds from the sale will impact her retirement significantly.  I came home with a great big smile on my face and I haven't stopped grinning yet.  It is moments like that when I really LOVE my job.

Often in Real Estate the only thing you can really expect - is the unexpected...

Kathy Webster is with CENTURY 21 Percy Fulton Ltd. in Toronto, ON.




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