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You've probably heard the demographic rumours that communications technologies are not understood or embraced by “older” Canadians.

I am 64 years old. When I graduated high school in 1965, people were using shorthand to take notes at work, and the phones were rotary-dial.

When I started working in the CENTURY 21 system in 1976, we were working on typewriters and using calculators to add up our figures.

When I became president of CENTURY 21 Canada in 1988, we were using fax machines and early versions of huge DOS-operated computers in the office, and some of us had unwieldy plug-in phones in our cars.

Today, I own an ipad, iphone, Blackberry, laptop, GPS system and a crystal ball that does not always work well.

What all these decades had in common were: It’s all just hardware, and what really matters is how you use the hardware (or software, or the Internet) to make it a productivity tool.

I am not afraid of technology; in fact, I love it. Not because I am a graduate of MIT, or a math geek from way back - but because I am a successful business man. I do what has to be done using whatever tools are the fastest, most efficient ways to reach contacts, close sales, follow up on details, etc.

Technology enables success. Period. So anyone considered "older” who avoids technology - including taking what works from social media - is someone who is not getting the most out of their career. (Personal use is a different matter; I prefer face-to-face chats with my family and friends; that’s just me.)

For me, technology means I'm connected. Connected to More.

How do you use today's rapidly evolving technologies to do your work better? If you are not, why not? Leave me a comment here.


  1. Jeff Gingerich 08/16/2010 at 12:54 PM

    Well said Don. I know some "older" Realtors who are leaving or have left the real estate business due to "fear" of technology. I too remember the industry before computers went mainstream and the opportunity for gains in efficiency in our day-to-day business are immense. The technology we employ is so user-friendly the geeks and non-geeks alike are able to thrive and prosper. I use a laptop, iPad and a Blackberry as well as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. This allows me to stay productive in a variety of settings as well as keep in touch with clients, friends and colleagues. We are indeed Connected to More!

  2. cheap used laptops 11/10/2010 at 5:43 AM

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