Bachman's Realtor Bro is 'Taking Care of Business'

Who knew that CENTURY 21 Canada and Randy Bachman (right) - guitar hero of "American Woman" and "Taking Care of Business" fame and now host of a Saturday-night music show on CBC Radio - would have something in common?

Well, actually I knew... because I recently handed a trophy to Gary Bachman, brother to the famous rocker! The broker/owner of CENTURY 21 Bachman & Associates in Winnipeg, Manitoba, was recognized in the Top 20 Sales Performers across Canada in our annual awards gala.

Gary Bachman, a long-time Winnipegger, is no stranger to success; he managed Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) - the band fronted by his brother and singer/songwriter Burton Cummings, who went on to form The Guess Who.

Hall of Famers

In 1976, Gary moved into a highly productive career in real estate. In his first year, he came third in Winnipeg for home sales, and then ranked first the following four years.

Superstar brother Randy may be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but Gary (right) has also been inducted into a Hall of Fame... CENTURY 21 Canada's Hall of Fame.

He's also received the Grand CENTURION award, the highest honour within CENTURY 21 Canada, one of several top performers recognized by CENTURY 21 Canada last month in a cross-country awards road show.

He's .calm

Even though he's the non-songwriter in the family, Gary loves a good play on words, as shown in his website: "... Gary Bachman.calm (.com)... truly Gary Bachman is a calming influence for his clients going through the stressful time of house buying or house selling process."

And aside from real estate, Gary has been a community leader with The United Way in Winnipeg as a founding member of the Variety Club of Manitoba, and, through Bachman & Associates, he helped build a Habitat for Humanity home.

Gary says he's proud of his famous rocker brother - just as, I'm sure, Randy Bachman is proud of his younger brother's success in the real estate realm and volunteer work.

Photo, right: Gary Bachman, centre, receives highest award from me (right) and Gary Charlwood, Chairman & CEO, CENTURY 21 Canada.

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