CENTURY 21 Reward Miles Praised by Collector

No sooner did I blog about the new AIR MILES social networking site, then a user at that community posts about his own experience collecting AIR MILES reward miles from CENTURY 21 Canada!

An unnamed Alberta entrepreneur has posted in the Discussion area of the AIR MILES Community site the following comment:

"I've done well with getting airmiles through Century 21. Any time I've bought or sold property it's through them. The Airmiles really add up!!"

This enthusiast user of CENTURY 21 Canada AIR MILE reward miles lists as his passions "golf, snorkling, deep sea fishing" so I can imagine his incentive to use CENTURY 21 Canada to buy and sell homes - in order rack enough reward miles to achieve his dreams, given that his last 2 hobbies aren't exactly possible in Alberta! ;)

Txt to Win AIR MILES

If you're addicted to texting messages via your mobile phone or Blackberry or iphone, then you might be interested in AIR MILES Mobile's new contest, which closes in two days (April 30). The intention of the contest is to push AIR MILES collectors to sign up for the mobile program; what do you think? Would you find convenient get AIR MILES account balance updates right on your cellphone?

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