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Good news - CENTURY 21 Canada is the first National franchise to have all of its offices on

What is Foursquare? It’s a mobile application and game that allows people to “check in” to venues and add tips or reviews, making cities more interesting to explore. The goal is to challenge users to experience new things, and by doing so, they are rewarded with badges or points. This location-sharing application makes it easy for people to find their friends and share what they like.

Venues can also attract new customers and reward their most loyal ones by offering Foursquare specials. Venues can create mobile coupons, prizes or discounts that are presented to users when people check in at or near the venue location.

CENTURY 21 offices will be visible to people who check in to their areas. CENTURY 21 System members can add tips on where the best restaurants are or add recommendations to places in the neighbourhood. It’s also a great way to let people know about office events like fundraisers or giveaways. Show off your local knowledge and let people know about the places you like go to.

Gary Chambers in Drumheller, AB posted a tip on Foursquare inviting people to drop by and have a cold drink from the fridge at CENTURY 21 Power Realty. At least two people took Gary up on his offer. I think I might too the next time I’m in Drumheller.

For those more politically minded, mayorships are also up for grabs! All you have to do is have the most check-ins at a specific location within 60 days (one check-in per day counts towards your mayorship). Some businesses are starting to offer specials for the mayors of their venues. A word of warning: Foursquare doesn’t allow faceless mayors. Only users with uploaded photos on their accounts will be given the honour of mayor.

Joel Ives in Stratford, PEI is the mayor of 21 places, including the Stafford liquor store and Keppoch Beach. He’s added some good tips on local venues and has “checked in” over 930 times! Way to go Joel.

Foursquare is one of many social media tools for realtors to show how much they really do know about the areas they live and work in. Real estate agents are constantly in different places so why not share a tip or two about the places you’ve been to?

Foursquare has recently come out with a user guide for their 5 million + users. The tip that stood out most was to refrain from checking in to strangers’ homes. I don’t really understand why anyone would want to check into a stranger’s home, but that’s just me. I would even feel weary of announcing when I’m home and where home is! Call me old fashioned...some things don’t need to be shared.

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