ClientConnect – Improving customer experience one tech innovation at a time

From creating a new and improved CENTURY 21 website, to building City and Community sites, we are continuously striving to improve the real estate experience for Canadian consumers.

Our newest tech innovation, ClientConnect, is now live. This revolutionary contact management system gives CENTURY 21 Sales Professionals the power to stay connected with their clients and contacts more efficiently by offering more timely and personalized communications.

We recognize that people are hungry for real estate information, from tips on buying and selling, to industry trends and community information.  Although much of this information can be found online, we believe that the real estate consumer can benefit from receiving timely, relevant and personalized advice. After all, the more information the consumer has, the more confident they are in investing in real estate.   CENTURY 21 Canada therefore chose to build a contact management system that would assist its Sales Professionals in delivering more value to their clients. 

Customer driven, ClientConnect allows CENTURY 21 Sales Professionals to respond quickly to changing client needs thanks to the platform’s unique ability to leverage customer insight. CENTURY 21 Sales Professionals can now keep abreast on their clients’ requirements, preferences and expectations. The goal is to better meet the needs of the CENTURY 21 customer through an improved customer experience. 

Real estate sales professional are continuously updating their knowledge of the industry, from legal updates, new developments that affect neighbourhoods, to information on the newest trends in real estate. They provide counsel on what renovations pay and which ones don’t, and even what can we do to save on energy costs?

With ClientConnect, CENTURY 21 Sales Professionals will be able to share their knowledge to help clients through real estate transactions, homeownership or even the planning process of selling a home. Clients can receive useful, timely and tailored information, and sales professionals will be able to build stronger, lasting relationships.

ClientConnect makes it easier for our Sales Professionals to stay in touch thanks to synchronization with mobile devices and data import from any source, even Facebook. Automatic Marketing Drip Campaigns will allow our Sales Professionals to deploy customized communications and the Client Communication History  tool will assist them in identifying and prioritizing opportunities.

Regular and valuable communication is crucial in creating and maintaining strong relationships. Ensuring that our Sales Professionals have the tools they need to succeed in real estate along with the technology necessary to provide excellent customer service, is our greatest priority.

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  1. Chris Newald 12/15/2011 at 2:14 PM

    Congratulations on your new contact management system. Client connect is also a great name and easy to remember too - which is important. Most new systems today are so abstract that they're forgotten the second you learn about them. Good job!

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