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"More" is in the eye of the beholder. This is demonstrated by the ageless question, debated in each generation: Do kids today - who have more ways to communicate, and more ways to get information - have, in fact, too much? (Think radio, TV, Walkmans, Internet, cellphones, when "too much of a good thing" has been prophesied.)

We at CENTURY 21 Canada don't think that More is anything but powerful - and power for good.

In fact, we go one step further; we think More is the new Less. With more communication and more information technology comes more options - resulting in less isolation, less unhappiness with the end result, and less time wasted trying to get a hold of people and information.

The whole concept of "more" is closely aligned with the reality of progress which is, after all, the foundation of our civilization and the ongoing industrial revolution.

So when CENTURY 21 Canada decided on a new, pervasive marketing approach - launching this week - we decided on "Connected to More." Specifically, our real estate professionals...
  • Use MORE technology
    • latest web marketing
    • Search engine optimization
    • social media, to...
  • Sell MORE homes, with
    • more photos online
    • more and better-targeted search results, and...
  • Find MORE homes for buyers, with

Double-Edged Advantage

The power of the concept, "connected," lies in its dual meaning:

  1. Connecting with other people remains crucial, and is made easier with technology

  2. The technology itself: Connectivity through all forms of Web 2.0

This first type of connecting is all about being more connected to the neighbourhoods you're interested in - their community leaders, features, drawbacks, and changes. Having operated under the well-known tag line, The Local Experts, for many years, CENTURY 21 Canada realtors really are locally connected - to make the home buying and selling experience as smooth and happy as possible.

The second type of connecting - via the Ethernet cable in your computer, wifi in the local cafe, or your Blackberry or iPhone - is all about leveraging today's rapidly evolving technologies to make the real estate experience easier, faster, better for the consumer.

Who doesn't drive up to a house for sale nowadays, and jot down the address in their BB, take a photo from their cell phone, or both - to make it easier to learn more about their potential dream home?

Connected to More is all about those connections. Between people. Between applications and devices. Between people and the devices.

Welcome to today and the future. We at CENTURY 21 Canada couldn't be more excited!

What do you think? Is More the New Less? Leave your comments here.

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  1. Michael 06/03/2010 at 1:38 PM

    Love it!


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