Don't Fear Colour

You should enjoy your home as much as anyone that comes to visit you.

The entry to your home should be fun and exciting....   If you have ever visited a model home, whether it is a high rise, town home or single detached home, you will see that the builder spends money to decorate the home and make it inviting so that you want to buy it.

Do the same to the dwelling that you call home. If you are truly timid or uncertain as to whether you would want to commit to a wall (or walls) of a certain colour, get a scrap piece of drywall or cardboard, put primer on the surface then do several coats of the colour you selected and then prop it up at eye level and leave it there for several days. 

Why leave it there for several days?  It takes time for people to get accustomed to things that are a little out of our comfort level...but you WILL be glad that you did.

Take an otherwise boring area and make it stunning!

By the way, I do put my money where my mouth is: This photo is of MY front hall!

Summer Rea is a sales representative with Century 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd. in Oakville, Ontario.


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