Don't Play with the Toys at Open Houses

 I was showing homes in an upscale Waterloo, Ontario neighbourhood recently; upon opening the front door, we were greeted with this sign (right).

Turns out that this particular house was on the market for more than a month. Coincidence? I think not!

I posted this photo on the CENTURY 21 Canada's community on Yammer, and that opened up a broad discussion of "toys" that shouldn't be played with, culled from years of experience by my fellow realtors showing homes.

For example, a story was shared about a client who had a very expensive stereo system and during a showing, a real estate sales representative placed a hand lightly on the speaker. He got a call about an hour later from the homeowner, wild that someone had touched his high-end electronic toy. (Obviously he didn't have kids!)

Another realtor colleague told me that during an Open House, a young child of prospective buyers walked out of the master bedroom with a "toy" that was on the nightstand.

Lesson Learned: When you're trying to sell your home, tuck away all your valuables and "sensitive" items if you are really concerned about security and privacy.

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