Dream Big: From Dairy Farmers to Marathoners

Life is all about dreaming big, and getting it done.

As we enter Back to School time - a period that many people regard as the 'true' beginning of each year - we thought we'd share this inspiring story of how any of us can start something big, anytime we choose.

Kevin Young and his wife, Sandy, used to operate a dairy farm on Big Island in their native Prince Edward County, Ontario, before they started working in real estate 20 years ago.

In 2003, at age 50, Kevin was overweight with aches and pains developing. He decided to make a change from his sedentary lifestyle.

Within his first month of running, Kevin's pains went away and he started to lose the 30 lbs he's kept off ever since. His stamina returned, as did his sense of overall wellbeing.
But Kevin was on the path to bigger dreams... and so he began racing. He's competed in 44 races so far, including:
  • 10 marathons (42.2 km)
  • 8 half-marathons (21.1km)
  • a 30-km run
  • a triathalon
  • the Boston Marathon this past April - his first time in that famous race! (That's Kevin, above, waving happily as he nears the finish in Boston.)

He started dreaming about the Boston Marathon about a year after starting to run. The toughest thing about running Boston is qualifying to get there. You must have run a previous marathon at a certain speed (with your age and gender taken into consideration). Kevin's qualifying time was 3 hrs, 45 minutes. He attempted to do that various times, finally qualifying in his hometown at the Prince Edward County Marathon in 2007.

To train, Kevin runs three times a week, 95% of the year. He tried a treadmill one winter, but prefers running outdoors. He trains mostly alone since lives in the country. On occasion will run with his wife, Sandy, who has run the Disney marathon at Disney World in Florida, 9 half-marathons and a variety of smaller races, totaling 31 races.

Kevin and Sandy's story shows us what big dreams and determination can achieve for any Canadian.

(Thank you to their son Jason Young, a sales rep with Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd. in Picton, ON for submitting this story.)

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