Dream Job..Would You Trade Places ?

Recently I was asked to co-host a morning radio show program at one of our local radio stations- Ocean 100 FM. One of their hosts is away, so they decided to bring in a local person each day to share the studio. I jumped at the chance!

Since then many people have asked if I wished I worked in radio instead of being a real estate broker. Of course, for me it was just plain fun as I only had to chat - those that know me getting me to chat is easy. (Getting me to stop..different story.) I did think at one time when I was younger that I would like this as a career.

You can hear me doing my Les Nessman "Eye In The Sky" news report here. (Yes, the resemblance between me and Les is uncanny!)

My Ocean 100 FM radio gig got me thinking about all my jobs that I have done in my life. When I was younger I did lots of "DJ"ing- I started in grade 8 playing music at my schools cafeteria during lunch hour (my AC/DC music phase) then in high school I did music for parties and basketball games. During university I worked as a DJ in a popular nightclub during the heyday of the late '80s and early '90s dance craze (Pump Up The Volume) and also worked at a summer restaurant calling Bingo, teaching people how to play the spoons and hosting a three-times-a-night talent show called "Sing For Your Supper."

So, needless to say, I have had many interesting and fun jobs. How did I end up in real estate? Well, it is a family business and I always thought my Dad looked like he enjoyed his work. I used to help out by holding the end of the tape at houses and sometimes held the wooden stakes as he drove it into the ground with either an ax or a sledgehammer....Now that I think of it, that wasn't very safe.....love you too Dad :)

All the jobs involved interacting with people, having some fun and having some responsibility in how they enjoyed their experience. If I didn't understand what the crowd wanted while playing dance music, it wasn't a good time and the club business was a very competitive one. If I didn't make the bingo fun for the kids, mom and dad couldnt take a quick break after a full day of being a tourist on beautiful PEI.

Sales in real estate is the same - it's all about understanding what is important to you and your family with your real estate needs. If I couldn't help you make the right decisions, than I couldn't help you get the results you needed.

Although I am no longer active in selling real estate, it is my role to help my agents use the tools and systems to help them with our mutual clients. I have to listen to what they are experiencing with their clients and what is occurring within our community to help them become successful at what they do.

Do we always make the right decision? Do we play a song that will clear the floor? Of course not, but we understand that we can keep an ear to the ground and make changes that will hopefully make a difference to other people.

I love my job, and sure there are days that we all want to throw in the towel but for now this is what it is. For now I want to look back at the careers or things that I thought I might want to do when I grew up (hasn't happened yet).

Maybe I can still do it... I thought about being a chef, maybe I will take cooking classes. I used to do a lot of photography in the film days, maybe its time to take a course in digital so I can renew that interest. My present job allows me the flexibility to revisit those things that I was interested in at one time.

What about you? What was your dream job(s) when you were younger? Are they still today? Leave your thoughts below!

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