Fun Facts about the Holidays

Happy Holidays from everyone at CENTURY 21 Canada!

Want to test your Christmas trivia knowledge? Did you know that...

  • The first president to decorate the white house Christmas tree in the United States was Franklin Pierce.
  • Germany made the first artificial Christmas trees. They were made of goose feathers and dyed green.
  • The first Christmas cards were invented in 1843, the same year that "A Christmas Carol" was written by Charles Dickens (in just six weeks).
  • The poinsettia plant was brought into the United States from Mexico by Joel Poinsett in the early 1800s.
  • Electric lights for trees were first used in 1895.
  • If you received all of the gifts in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," you would receive 364 gifts.
  • Jingle Bells" was first written for Thanksgiving.
  • "It's a Wonderful Life" appears on TV more often than any other holiday movie.
  • "The Nutcracker" is the most famous Christmas ballet.
  • Clearing up a common misconception, in Greek, X means Christ. That is where the word "X-Mas" comes from.
  • Traditionally, Christmas trees are taken down after Epiphany.
  • More diamonds are sold around Christmas than any other time of the year.
  • In Mexico, wearing red underwear on New Year's Eve is said to bring new love in the upcoming year.

Andrew Thompson is a sales representative with Century 21 Riverside Realty in Sun Peaks, BC.

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