Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Winter can be hard on a home as well as us living through it. Here are some things that will help your home survive the winter and make you more comfortable at the same time.

  1. Furnace inspection and filter
    Your furnace may not have been running much since last winter. A clogged or dirty air filter impedes the flow of warm air. Some rooms may not heat up enough and you wind up turning up the thermostat. Remember to change your furnace filter, and have a safety and operations check done by a professional.
  2. Ice damming
    If you have had an ice damming problem in previous winters, it will not go away by itself. It is caused by poor attic insulation and ventilation, and will prematurely age the shingles and cause heat loss. Increasing the ventilation to your attic is quick and easy. Installing additional roof vents, vapour barriers, or insulation is a bit more technical and should be done by a professional.

  3. Clean out eavestroughs
    Leaves dropping in the fall will gather in the eavestroughs. This could cause a clog up on your roof and send water over the trough around your foundation.
  4. Check fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
    Make sure you have detectors and they are operational. Some newer detectors have 10 year lithium batteries. Keep an eye out for those.


By Jeff Sim, REALTOR® at CENTURY 21 Ltd.

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