Ghosts and Goblins are Coming Out to Play

Halloween is fast approaching and although it looks like a wet one for most people across Canada, it's the one night where little ghouls and goblins come out to play.

To make sure everyone has a safe Halloween, consider some of these tips from Health Canada and Safe Kids Canada.

Stay warm: Fall is definitely in the air and when night sets in, so does the cold. It's a good idea to ensure your children's costumes are loose enough to go over warm clothes or even a jacket.

Bright costumes: Real ghouls and goblins may want to lurk in the dark, but it's recommended that children be seen. Having a bright costume or reflective tape can help keep your child in sight.

Watch for cars: Halloween can be a really exciting time for children, who can sometimes forget to stay safe. Make sure road safety is top of mind before they go out on Halloween night. Remind your children to look both ways before crossing a street and avoid going between parked cars.

Parent supervision: Children under 9 should always be accompanied by an adult or a responsible older child. Parents should even accompany their older children or make sure they don't trick or treat alone.

Trick or Treat: If you're giving away candy this year, turn on your outside light so kids know they can visit. This will also ensure children scampering up to your home can see where they're going and avoid tripping over things on your property.

Check the Loot: Before your children dig into their candy stash, check it and throw away items that aren't wrapped or have torn packaging. There could also be small candies that can be a choking hazard for younger children.

Fire safety: Candles can really set the mood for a creepy Halloween, especially a little tea light in a jack-o-lantern. For everyone's safety though, make sure you keep candles and other dangerous objects away from children. Candles with multiple wicks can also create high flames and heat so don't leave them unattended.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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