Google It and Ye Shall Find

Watching which words are hot in the world of search engines - those terms being typed into Google, Yahoo! and MSN - can be a fascinating peek into how and what people are feeling and thinking...

Like how folks are increasingly preoccupied with the search term, "mortgage": up 72% from 4.5 million searches in Dec. '07 to 7.8 million searches in Dec. '08. (And those are just the US numbers.) These stats come from a February 24, 2009 study by comScore, Inc. about online search behaviour affected by the economic downturn.

While hot search terms like 'mortgage' (and 'foreclosure,' 'bankruptcy', 'unemployment', 'discount' and 'coupons') indicate patterns of personal financial turmoil, they also show that consumers are hardy and tenacious and not giving up on finding the information they need to pull themselves out of hard times.

People are still looking for a mortgage broker, still going to see open houses with the intention of buying, still listing their homes with sales representatives, still selling, still buying.

CENTURY 21 Canada has measured 77,257 search terms used on its website, - a great many of those terms being the actual property address of homes people want to buy.

So, if you are Googling the street and number and town info for the dream home you drove by on your way to work, chances are good that it will be a CENTURY 21 listing that pops up first in the search results.

That's because we encourage our agents and brokers to buy Google AdWords and optimize their listings with 21 photos and as much detail as possible for each property.

Search... and ye shall find!

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