Grab the Gold Medal of Technology at CENTURY 21 Canadian Conference

If a multi-medallist Olympian and an award-winning comedian don’t grab your interest, there’s always the dazzling array of technology - including social media, new media and mobile strategies – that rocks the real estate industry.

The CENTURY 21 Canadian Conference 2010 hits Toronto at the end of this month, and its highlights include...

  • Learning opportunities on how to use new media to get new leads
  • Motivational speaker Clara Hughes, the only athlete in history is to win multiple medals in both Summer and Winter Olympics
  • James Cunninghman, performer from the internationally renown Just for Laughs comedy festival and actor on the Comedy Inc. TV series

The one-hour Lunch and Learn session will include information on mobile website strategies and how to acquire mobile property domains.’s Director of New Technology, Benjamin Higginbotham, will lead a discussion on:

  • How to create local content for your community on (new feature)
  • How to create great videos using your cell phone (iPhone or Android) or inexpensive hardware you can buy
  • How to upload video to YouTube and add videos to your agent / property website
  • How to take great pictures and adding pictures to your agent / property website
  • What to blog about and how that links to YouTube and photos
  • What to Tweet /Facebook about and how to link that to your blog

The 2010 CENTURY 21 Canadian Conference is a natural extension of the new media efforts of our organization in the last couple of years – from expanding our website to a fully optimized, English, French and Chinese-language search engine and information fount for properties across Canada, to our exclusive social media e-book and upcoming video series on using new media.

If you’re in Toronto Oct. 1st – 3rd, CENTURY 21 Canada system members should be easy to spot – with their ipads, iphones, other smart phones and laptops in tow – connected, as always, to more.


  1. Joel Ives 09/16/2010 at 7:35 PM

    Go for the Gold ! Looking forward to the events,education and meeting new and old friends. Come and join us!

  2. Paulette Upshall 09/18/2010 at 4:43 PM

    It's going to be a great convention colleagues. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new acquaintances! Check out

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