How To Keep Cool When It's So Hot!

Keep cool at home

The warm weather that we have been experiencing these past few weeks has left many people scratching their heads on how to beat the heat. Some people choose to stay indoors or turn to places where they can get out, like their local mall, in an air conditioned setting.

Use these tips to keep cool at home and outdoors:

Sleep in comfort
Warmer days or months can make sleeping restless. Having a fan pointed directly at you can create a comfortable breeze without making you feel chilly. Some other bedtime solutions might include bagging your bed sheets and placing them in the freezer before bed or filling a hot water bottle with cold water and placing it behind your knees to help in the cooling process.

Create air flow
Keep the air conditioning on at a comfortable temperature. It may be useful to keep room doors closed as it is easier to cool smaller areas. Ensure that the filter is clean to avoid clogging and mould growth. Fans are another great way to promote air flow in your home and generate circulation. Portable fans can help you to save on your energy bill as they use less electricity than your air conditioning unit.

Drink water
Keeping hydrated is crucial to staying cool. Warmer temperatures make it very easy to become dehydrated. Make a commitment to keeping cool by carrying around a bottle of water with you at all times. Freezing a freezer-safe bottle one third of the way is a great way to keep water colder and more refreshing. Adding mint leaves, lemon, orange, or cucumber to water adds flavour and leaves a refreshing aftertaste.

Find water
A community pool or splash pad is a great way to cool off - Children absolutely love it! Some alternatives are heading to a beach or even having a water fight at a local park or your backyard. On a hot day, these sorts of activities are a great way to share laughter and create memories of fun times in your family. It is always an option to carry around a spray bottle with a gentle mist setting to spritz your skin throughout the day.

Wear the right clothes
Choose comfortable clothing that is loose fitting and not stifling. Loose clothing made of a breathable material is a good choice, like linen or cotton. Also, moisture wick fabrics will keep sweat away from your body.

I hope that you will find some of these tips useful in keeping cool in this warm summer season.

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