Introducing your Dog to a New Home

Moving into your new home is very exciting for the entire family... But did you know that introducing your dog into a new home can be incredibly stressful for them?

Fortunately, there are a lot if things that we can do to make this transaction easier on them (which, of course, in the end makes it easier on us).

  • On moving day, leave your pet with a friend. This will decrease the chance of accidents happening.
  • Put him in a fully fenced back yard.
  • The least favourable scenerio is to crate your dog while moving furniture into your new home. Make sure he can stand up and turn around and has water and let him outside to do his business regularly.
  • Pack over a long period of time to ease the dog into the idea of moving.
  • Pack all of the pets bowls, water, blankets, etc. in one box. Label the box and put it in the front seat of your car.
  • Make sure the new house has something that smells like you; put their toy in your laundry hamper for a few days prior to the move. A familiar scent in a new place calms them.
  • Take them to their bathroom area as soon as they arrive at their new home. They won't know where to go. Praise them for going and then they know they have done something good.
  • Show your dog the way to the back yard (back door)and watch them to make sure they know their way there on their own the next time.

These few tips will make your move smoother and less stressful for everyone!

Cindy Ambeault is a sales representative with Century 21 All-Pro Realty in Cobourg, Ontario. She volunteers with St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs, trains puppies and problem dogs, works with dogs in agility, flyball and other canine games, and owns three well-trained dogs (and three very spoiled cats).


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  1. Jeff Gingerich 05/20/2009 at 2:14 PM

    Great insights Cindy. We forget just how intuitive they really are. Our Labrador Retreiver gets stressed when there's any kind of packing going on as she no doubt associates it with periods of dealing with "strangers". Thanks for sharing these tips.

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