It's Spring and our Fancies Turn to... Open Houses!

Wouldn't you love to know what schools, grocery stores and community centres are near the new home you're seeking? After all, you're not just buying a house - you're buying a neighbourhood, a way of life.

Then you'll want to check out our Open House Planner on this site - click on any part of the map of Canada on the home page and it will take you to a zoomable, interactive of the community in your city of choice - with Open House signs clearly marked for you to visit.

It’s Open House Month - an event we hold twice a year to reflect the seasons where you most get itchy feet to walk through strangers' homes and dream/buy. You know it;  "Open House" signs are popping up on all over lawns this month - alongside the crocuses and daffodils. is the only real estate website in Canada that lets you see all the Open Houses right from the home page. And we don't display Open Houses online only twice a year; any day you can choose "open houses" as one of the Search filters.

As convenient as online home browsing is, what can compete with the sun streaming through that squeaky-clean living room bay window, that back deck overlooking budding green trees, a two-storey 'castle' on a street you've long dreamed of living on...!

Meanwhile, if you want a great laugh, check out this Century 21 video about a 'SWAT' team who break into a Open House home and drool over the features/amenities they find there. (My favourite line: "My God, men, this carpet is exquisite!... You know what to do." At which point, the half-dozen, gun-toting SWAT team members remove their combat boots and line them up by the front door!)

Been to any great Open Houses this month? Drop us a line in Comments below.

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