Location, Location... Bike to Work?

You know the old real estate adage emphasizing the importance of Location, Location, Location... but have you ever thought about your new home's proximity to work... via a bicycle?! 

Why not? In this day of emphasis on eco-friendly and fitness, cycling to your job should be a major appeal (especially if your workplace has a shower).

Tomorrow is the last day of Bike to Work Month across Canada, and events have been held in Toronto, St. John's, Gatineau, and B.C. (Victoria, Chilliwack. Fraser Valley and Vancouver). Why - or why not - ride your bicycle to work? Let's see:<;


  • Spend less on gas
  • Reduce greenhouse gases (If 4,000 people ride their bikes to work for a week - traversing 190,000 km, more than 37,000 kg of carbon emissions will be offset!)
  • Get in shape/stay fit


How "Bikeable" is Your Commute?

I found a cool web application called WalkScore that rates how "walkable" your house - or prospective home - is regarding distance to neighbourhood stores, restaurants, and other amenities. It's a Google Maps mashup app, and works for Canadian properties, too. 
So, what I'm thinking is.. wouldn't it be cool to have a "BikeScore" mashup - where you type in the address of the property you're thinking of buying, and it shows the number of kilometres (as the bike flies) from home to your workplace? 
View Properties with a "Bike Realtor"?! 

And here's a unique concept, popping up on both sides of the border: Viewing homes by riding around with your real estate sales representative on bicycles! You can find a "bicycle realtor" in Canada and in Colorado. Have you ever done this? How was the experience?

Do you ride a bicycle to work, even sometimes - or know someone who does? What do you consider a "reasonable" distance to bike-commute? 
We want to know; leave your comments here below!


  1. Chiara N'Kael 05/30/2009 at 6:07 PM

    thanks for stopping by.. we always do our weekend openhouse shopping here in the markland woods area of etobicoke.. what better way to experience a neighborhood! especially the ease of talking to neighbors, measuring distances to amenities, and judging flow of traffic for the family and safety conscious..

    my brother in law now wants to purchase a house in our neighborhood because of our weekend rides.. especially now that there is a bike lane that runs on renforth that connects our neighborhood.

    good luck with everything!

  2. Jeff Gingerich 05/31/2009 at 11:26 AM

    Great post Don...I guess I better get my bicycle tuned up! Safety is a primary consideration and perhaps your visual should include a helmeted cyclist.

  3. Don Lawby 06/01/2009 at 8:47 AM

    Good point, Jeff re: bike helmet! Stand by for a new photo going up on this blog post!

  4. Ed Kohler 06/06/2009 at 3:05 PM

    An agent in Minneapolis has carved out a niche for himself as a biking Realtor. He meets his clients as showings and runs his business by bike. That seems like an excellent credibility builder when reaching out to people looking for bike-friendly neighborhoods and commutes.

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