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As we approach the one-year anniversary of Talk21 blog, we were curious to see which blog post - out of some 150 posts - have garnered the most comments.

One of the posts you'd fully expect to get lots of comments and emotional heat was the one we posted in early November, 2009 titled, " Open to All Listings?" You really should check out the fiery, lengthy comments at the end of that post; folks weigh in on both sides of the fence of the battle between the Competition Bureau of Canada and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Here's a particularly interesting comment:

"What's next? All the Car Curbers and those that sell cars from their driveway privately should now be allowed for a small fee to park their cars at their local Car dealership?... Also, all those in the public who have resented paying the high costs of Hotels and Motels should now be allowed to... ask for a cot and sleep in the lobby or hallway for a reduced fee?"

Sweating the Small Stuff, too

The blog post tied for First Place in comments was on a subject you might not expect to generate as much conversation: the post, Will It Stay? Chattel vs. Fixture.

Written by sales representative Ray Petro at Century 21 Professional Group Inc. in Brantford, Ontario, this post is about how to avoid problems around which 'extras' of the home are included in the offer to purchase agreement. The commenters of this blog post give advice as well as complain about their own misadventures in chattel/fixtures, including:

"...They waited at least 15 days to advise us the vacu-flo, attachments and water softener is missing. I am so confused,frustrated and I believed I'm being bullied."

" If you are aware that the prospective buyers are very excited about having my TV all ready for them when they move in, and you sell them the house and take the television, you have committed, at the very least, a highly unethical act..."

"...When do we start to look at the intention of the homeowner?"

So, as it turns out, the "small stuff" - like what stays on your walls - can be a pretty emotional issue for home buyers and sellers!

Some other most-commented-on Talk21 posts over the last year have included:

What has been your favourite Talk21 blog post? Or one that you couldn't stand? Either way, leave your comments below.

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  1. Jay Banks 03/24/2010 at 6:33 AM

    And the battle between CREA and Competition Bureau continues on the Internet as well. I've been reading some really heated discussions recently. But it's a good thing that people talk about the important issues, share and confront their opinions without being rude. At least sometimes.

    I admit I've just found this blog, but it's in my bookmarks now. The posts here look intelligent and informative.

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