My Eco 'Bucket List'

In a discussion with a friend about greening our home and property, he said" I don't do that stuff."

However, once we got talking I asked him, "Did you not put in new windows in the last year." to which he replied "Yes." Then I asked him did he not just put in Energy Saver Appliances."  To which he also answered "yes."

Then I asked him why? His answer was he "wanted to lower his costs and save energy"!

Myself, I have been doing similar things.  A couple of years ago when energy audits were just starting, I had one done on my home, and came in an EnerGuide rating of 78 - not bad for a 25 year old home.

But I found out where I was losing energy; I found out by having the electrical outlets and caulking checked. This audit got me thinking, and so whenever I do any retrofitting I think if it will cut down on using energy.

This was the start; so far I have:

  • Increased my insulation to R50
  • Insulated my hot tub
  • Put in a new front door (your best-return reno investment)
  • Changed my gas fireplace to a more efficient model
  • Replaced dripping bathroom faucets with new taps
  • Switched to a more efficient toilet - in my case, a dual flush toilet
  • Changed light bulbs to CFL type

Just with these few changes I have found drastic changes in my hydro and gas bills.

However, I do have a lot more to do on my "enviro bucket list" such as:

  • Replacing two more toilets
  • Getting some rain barrels
  • Getting some plants local to the area  for near my downspouts and for making gardens
  • Replacing a few windows with low-e glass or getting California shutters
  • Getting possibly bamboo flooring in bedrooms or local wood floors

I am getting on in life and have seen many changes along the way and my fear is that of my grandchildren.  If we each do a little bit, hopefully this earth will be sustainable for them.

Lydia Ingles is a sales representative with Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd. in Newmarket, Ontario.


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