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Being committed to a plan is like leaving a note on the kitchen table telling someone where you are going. Without a plan, you would end up taking "Sunday drives" every day of the week; you know: wake up late, not sure where to go, find some money, fuel up the car,  drive until nothing looks familiar, then return to starting point with no money left.

A business plan is like knowing where you are going before you leave home in the car. There's a reason why every major banking institution requires a business plan before lending money to a commercial customer money.

Kevin Stanley, Director of Franchise Services for CENTURY 21 Canada, came to Belleville, Ontario recently and spoke with our office about business planning tools.

Apart from having the right attitude, knowing your local market and using online marketing tools, we should all be creating business plans for our careers. The CENTURY 21 backend system, called OnlineOffice, allows you to do this with ease and efficiency.

Our Agent Financial Planning Tool allows you to break down and input your personal and business expenses, your desired income and daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals. The calculator will then compute what your activity levels and targets must be to achieve these financial goals. Training is provided through the Create21 program.

The CENTURY 21 system has the resources well within our reach to be successful, and clearly there is a large portion of the real estate market still up for grabs....the question is, will it be yours for the taking? Will you be in the 10% of people who get 90% of business?

James Alexander is the broker/owner of Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd. in Picton, Ontario.

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