Real Estate is like Fly-Fishing

You may find this topic a little weird but I have decided it is very true.

If you are a fairly knowledgeable fly fisher person you will realize that in order to make the experience of catching trout enjoyable you have to know the basics and you also have to have finesse. However, there is also the importance of working with the right tools, to make your job of fishing easier. Not the priciest but quality tools, and then you have to practise the art of catch and release as well as patience. The fly is also very important because it is not always the big flashy ones that work; sometimes it is just the simplest, honest, interpretation of the bug that you are trying to replicate that lands the big trout.

One other point is if you really want a fish, (“here Fishy Fishy”) that will be the day that you are not lucky. Trout smell desperation, and feel stress and will stay as far down the river or lake as they can get because they know when and if you catch them you will just yank them in and there is no guarantee that the fish will stay on that fly.

Fly Fishing is an art, from the presentation to bringing in that beautiful trout - either to keep or release. Along with this art is the enjoyment and zen that brings peace.

So now here's where I compare Real Estate. In Real Estate to be successful you have to know the basics and you have to have finesse. But most importantly your success is also based on the tools of the trade and how you use them.

Do you use the biggest, flashiest advertising and do you look at each client with desperation and are stressed because you need them at almost any cost?

Or do you look at the basics and the finesse as well as the tools and hone them every day so that you can create an artistic, and peaceful, zen environment, where your clients will trust you to make the experience of buying or selling a home as enjoyable and stress-less as possible.

I learnt a long time ago things never come when you want them to; they come when you need them to. Next time you are passing a stream where they fly-fish, stop and watch the art of the catch. Relax.

Now doesn’t that just make you wanna go fishing?

Patricia Love is with CENTURY 21 Desert Hills Realty in Kamloops, BC

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  1. Mitchell @ Idaho real estate 06/21/2011 at 12:54 PM

    Thank you! I'd never thought of that before but it is so true! I love to fly fish. It's a blast, and you have managed to link my job to my favorite hobby, never thought it could happen....does this mean I can write off my next fly fishing trip?

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