Selling your Family on a "Staycation"

Are you working so many hours that you can't do the cottage commute? Or maybe this is the summer your gang doesn't go on that big road trip because of creeping gasoline prices and household budget cutbacks.

Have you thought about  building a backyard "resort' - say, an expansive deck with hot tub or gazebo? Or how about using your vacation days to finish up an indoor renovation?

That would be the 'handyman' version of a trend known as the "staycation" - i.e. not going away for your vacation, but staying at home, or close to home.

While the term, 'staycation,' started out meaning day trips to explore your own hometown or region with the eyes of a tourist, the "staycation" can also refer to not leaving your house or garden (except for trips to the local hardware store, beer store and such)... uninterrupted days to build your domestic paradise destination, to "bring the beach home".

Of course, if you're getting your home ready to sell, there's even more reason to consider taking a staycation this summer - to improve your biggest asset and get the highest price possible.

Not to worry about your much needed and anticipated downtime if you do home reno this summer; with a decent BBQ and blender, you can reward yourselves for productive work and test out that new deck!

Is this your summer of the staycation? What was your reason, and what did you do with the time at or close to home? Leave your comments below.

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