Situated Learning at CENTURY 21 Conference 2010

CENTURY 21 2010 Conference just ended yesterday. It was informative, enriching and a very fulfilling experience.

I am a believer in situated learning; at the conference we had the benefit of purposefully interacting with presenters and discussion leaders regarding content fundamental to our business as REALTORS™ and trends that will shape our future. We also learn from our peers about various innovations, discoveries or achievements. (Who could have thought that a can of tuna would make a great giveaway at networking booth?)

The face to face interactions allow questions to be asked from professionals at Where To Live, coaches like Tom Ferry (shown in this photo with me) and CENTURY 21 corporate staff such as Brian Rushton, Kevin Stanley, Barbara Fromm and Don Lawby, individuals we may otherwise be hard pressed in getting access to.

Conferences also allow us to make networks with people with similar interests and carry a continued contact with several peers following a conference or even collaborate on a business goal.

Believe it or not, one should structure one’s approach to these conferences. They are a great networking platform. So as you go about giving out your cards and accepting business cards from others, take a moment to make a note of what you talked about with the other person, anything interesting that you discussed and include that distinguishing personal element in your follow up communication with them.

And of course, organize all those cards once you get back to the office to make a database out of them. You will run into most of these people again at conferences in the following years and some of them will refer business to you.

The jam-packed sessions at the conference will give me enough material to ponder over for a few weeks to come. As I take on the challenge of trying to implement what I learn, I am sure of one thing, and that is the benefit I will receive once I have processed the information, extracted the knowledge from it and integrated the best practises into my ongoing business behaviour.

A participant should leave a Conference knowing and understanding more than on arrival, and much of that gain may not be directly related to or dependent upon what was presented. So, as I enjoy the three-day CENTURY 21 Canadian 2010 Conference in my hometown Toronto, I am already looking forward to seeing lots more of my fellow professionals at the 2011 conference in Edmonton, Alberta!

Jagdeep Singh is a broker with Century 21 New Star Realty Inc. in Toronto, Ontario.

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  1. Paulette Upshall 10/05/2010 at 2:13 PM

    Convention 2010 definitely didn't dissappoint. From the comedian/MC, James Cunningham, motivational speaker Clara Hughes, wheretolive presentation, and speeched from Canada Corp, a wealth of information was passed on.

    Looking forward to Edmonton in 2011!!

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