Social Media is a Way to Augment Face-to-Face

Imagine a blog post about social media... there are only millions of them! In fact, I am sure any of you reading this are tired of hearing about it and we all cringe at the thought of someone being classified as a "social media guru". I have been asked to speak at a few corporate events on this topic but I am by no means an expert.

Many people may classify it as time wasting and there is no benefit to all relationships it takes work and commitment. In the real estate business we rely on relationships to help people make educated decisions based upon their wants and needs. For such an important decision, you usually want to trust the person helping you.

In the old days (5 years ago) agents and clients spent more time together looking at properties in catalogues, showings, newspaper ads, etc. Nowadays, clients and agents are using the Internet for reviewing properties, areas, schools, mortgage rates, crimes, restaurants, etc. so the time for "getting to know you" is a lot shorter. Ways around this is to get connected with each other via whatever network you utilize such as Facebook, Twitter, photo-sharings site Flickr, YouTube or whatever - but in the end, you still have to meet face-to-face to solidify that relationship to see if it works.

I have used Twitter and Facebook for some time now for business and personal reasons; I was recently involved in a "tweetup" event. A few people on PEI who discuss lots of things on Twitter thought about getting people that "tweet to meet". We picked a spot, ordered some food and then invited people - and more than 75 came! Now, many of the people in the room did not "know" each other, but it was quite easy to have a conversation since most of us "knew" something about the other people from following them on Twitter a while.

Just recently I noticed on Twitter and the geo-localized social networking site, Foursquare, that many of my "friends and followers" were at a local coffee shop and it was mentioned on Twitter. So I put out the message on my accounts about a coffee meetup; a few replied that they would attend. and some said they couldn't. But at the end of the day, it is another way to get to know people in your community who may not have been in your typical circle of friends.

Joel Ives is the owner of Century 21 Colonial Realty in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

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