Sweet Smell of a Successful Sale

To a large extent, buyers make their home purchase based on their emotional feeling for the home. You want them to fall in love with the dream of living in your home. Stimulating their sense of smell is one way to do so - a sensory aspect of home staging.

Don't ignore the power of fragrance when showing your home. This includes:

  • Removal of cigarette smoke: Don't let anyone smoke in your home for at least a couple of weeks before you begin to show it.
  • Removal of pet odours: Move Rover or Fluffy out of the house for a few days (find a pet sitter), and clean everything your pet has been in contact with.
  • Cooking smells: In particular, eliminate the unusual and strong odours, such as fish, spices and eggs.

Follow the Nose

Now that your home is clean and largely smell-free, consider adding a scent to seal that "emotional connection" buyers associate with Home Sweet Home. The smell of familar and beloved food works well for everyone.

Bake a fresh apple pie, muffins or cookies minutes before an Open House. Too busy? Put a mixture of vanilla extract, brown sugar and water in the oven on low heat to simulate the smell of fresh baking.

If the buyers follow their nose, you could have an offer sooner.

Cindy Ambeault is a sales representative with CENTURY 21 All-Pro Realty in Cobourg, Ontario.

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