The Funny Side of Real Estate

Real estate is a serious business, and part of our job for our clients is to alleviate stress. One way to accomplish this is through laughter.

While listening to and laughing at Century 21 Colonial's Kelly Lantz get "punked" by a local radio station, I was reminded of my own moment of real estate apprehension.

It was a cold January day in 1996; I was the "duty" agent at our Century 21 office at Westmount Place in Waterloo. A duty agent's responsibility is to handle incoming inquiries from the public.  The secretary put a call through and the caller indicated he wanted to sell his house.

I said I'd be happy to help and asked for his name. He identified himself as B.J. Bird. Baseball fans over the age of 20 will remember B.J. Birdy pictured above was the mascot for the Toronto Blue Jays until 1999. I'm thinking I may be the victim of a practical joke while trying to maintain my composure.

I'm also trying, with no luck, to decipher the voice of the caller, thinking it has to be one of my buddies or co-workers up to no good. I proceed to ask Mr. Bird where he lives; he tells me he lives on Dick Street. Now I'm fully convinced I'm the butt of this joke and I'm having a hard time not laughing! Nevertheless, I proceed to get the house number and set an appointment with the caller.

It turns out Bertram John Bird did live on Dick Street in Waterloo. Mr. Bird was an elderly widower who enjoyed fishing; he was born in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba and wished to move "home" out West to live out his days. We sold his property in 3 weeks and I contacted Shannon Tessier at Century 21 Andrich Realty to help him find a new home. Mr. Bird was very grateful and it felt good to be able help him.

Jeff Gingerich is a sales representative with Century 21 Home Realty Inc. Brokerage in Waterloo, Ontario.

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