The Nutcracker, My Mom and I...

The Nutcracker came to Lindsay one weekend and the memories and imagery this ballet brings to mind evokes one of the happiest memories of my childhood.

When I was a little girl, just before the Christmas break, my mom took me out of school at lunch for a very special treat. She didn't tell me what we were doing or where we were going. I had three brothers and one sister, so it was a rare occasion to be treated to a surprise just the two of us, let alone taken out of school early for it. I was beyond excited when we arrived on the steps of The O'Keefe Centre (now called The Sony Centre) to see The Nutcracker, performed by the National Ballet of Canada. The grandness of the theatre, the excitement in the air, the pure thrill of my mom and I having a truly elegant visit to the city to watch the ballet was beyond thrilling for a 12 year old girl who loved all things musical, feminine and elegant. Time was usually taken up by sports in our family but we were at the ballet! The orchestra, the 'return to your seat' bells gently calling us all to our seats and the timeless perfection of the Sugar Plum Fairy. What amazed me was how those tiny ballerinas pounded the floor as their ballet pointe slippers took them to unbelieveable heights.

It's funny to think that my mom was eight years younger than I am now when she and I made our way down to the ballet. She was only 41 then but looked like a girl herself. Mom has always had a sweet, calm loving nature. Wrinkles have no power over a face belonging to those with such a serene nature. My mom is the epitome of a lady and our trip to the ballet in Toronto is an example of how my mom not only made sure that her youngest daughter had a girl's day in the big city, but it's also an illustration of how she subtly gave us all an appetite for culture and knowledge.

When I saw that our little town of Lindsay, in the beautiful Academy Theatre is bringing The State Ballet Theatre of Russia's performance of The Nutcracker, there was only one person I could think of. I booked our tickeds and called mom to tell her that it was 37 years late but I was returning the favour. My mom and I will be watching The Nutcracker with what I hope will be a full house at The Academy. I also know this performance will be almost as wonderful a Christmas gift as I received from my mom all those years ago.

It must be said that right here in Lindsay, our little hub of the Kawarthas, in our little corner of Ontario, Canada we embrace culture! I am also certain that in historic theatres found in little corners across Canada bring The Nutcracker, not to mention many other cultural events to the community year round. We need to support the arts, culture and everything that makes a little girl or boy dream, or make a parent or grandparent remember how those dreams shaped their lives and the lives of their family for generations to come.

Please come out and support the arts, culture and your local theatre.


Dee Girdler is with CENTURY 21 Pinnacle Realty in Lindsay, ON.

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