Think of the Canadian Forces this Season

You don’t know how fortunate you are to be Canadian until you end up on the outside looking in.

As a former member of the Canadian Forces - having served 12 of my 35 years in various locations around the world (15 postings and 20 homes)- I can attest to the fact that I never truly appreciated this fact until I was geographically separated from my homeland.

CENTURY 21 brokerages in general - and Century 21 Classic Realty Ltd. in Halifax, Nova Scotia in particular - are sensitive to the transitory nature of the lives of Canadian Forces (CF) members and their families.

Halifax is and always has been a major military base/port with in excess of 5,000 military. As a brokerage, we understand the issues facing serving CF members; our REALTORS® have the personal experience and expertise to deliver the best possible real estate buying and/or selling experience for our serving members being posted in or out of the area. 

Ever celebrate Christmas with family and loved ones in October, or maybe March, because you are going to be deployed in the far flung reaches of the world on that special day? Soldiers, sailors and airmen/women do this regularly.

Whether you have immediate family or not, when you're deployed you always look for ways to celebrate significant events. Often friends and colleagues fill the void and become your surrogate family.

Today the world is much more connected with technologies that help bridge the geographical separation gap. Notwithstanding today’s broad use of email, webcam and social networks - to the men and women serving abroad in remote locations, these are critical lifelines.

How about a Christmas Letter or Care Package to a Soldier Overseas?

There are many ways to show your appreciation - from wearing red on Fridays, to sending a letter or card through the military postal system, to forwarding a token of appreciation via the closest Military Family Resource Centre who put care packages together at special times of the year.

You don't need to feel sorry for the military member or his/her family - they don’t want it or expect it. You just need to understand and appreciate their unique circumstances and their commitment to serve our country.

Perhaps we can all - in our own little way - show a token of appreciation for those who willingly sign up to defend the freedoms that we all take for granted.

Mike Murphy is a sales representative with Century 21 Classic Realty in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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