Trip Down AIR MILES Memory Gallery

If you're a passionate collector of AIR MILES reward miles - and two-thirds of Canadian households are - then you'll probably love the new online community set up by the company that doles out the discount cards for free flights.

Launched last month, the AIR MILES Community social networking site offers the kind of sharing, socializing and personalization touches of other networking sites. Features include:

  • Learn tips 'n tricks
  • Join forums, such as:
    • Living Greener
    • Deals, Deals, Deals!
    • Celebrate Mom
  • Share at the Memory Gallery

Twitterers Spread the News

The Twittersphere was all a-twitter recently as news of the community spread between the micro-bloggers; a typical Tweet: "Check out AIR MILES Community... Only if you want to get rewarded faster...who doesn't?" and "I hope there's lots of opportunities to earn miles there!"

We Canadians sure do love our AIR MILES reward miles, and it seems every big business wants a piece of that obsession, even one of the major search engines! Someone on Twitter reported "For Canadians who collect AirMiles, install Air Miles search tool app powered by Yahoo & collect 5 Air Miles for each 50 valid searches." Earning reward miles while you're searching for info online - great idea... Maybe while you're searching online to find a home to buy?

Buy Stuff instead of Traveling?

An AIR MILES survey released today found that, given the opportunity to spend one million AIR MILES reward miles, the majority of Canadians (86%) say they would opt for travel.

However, during this recession, 45% of collectors are thinking about sharing their million reward miles with family and friends, and others are looking to redeem for merchandise (35%).

CENTURY 21 - the only organization that gives AIR MILES reward miles for real estate transactions - has tons of stories of happy homebuyers who redeemed their reward miles to make their dreams come true.

Silver Anniversary and Reunion Memories

For example, Pat and Elle Dean, of Vernon, BC, won a prize of 10,000 AIR MILES reward miles from a year-long contest run by CENTURY 21 Executives Realty Ltd. sales representative, Denise Dobie. The Deans plan to use their 10,000 reward miles for a trip to Hawaii to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

Maybe they'll share their happy memories in the Memory Gallery of the AIR MILES Community network, like one young man's touching story there:

He used his reward miles for a "round-trip flight to Montreal ... it's my hometown and I was able to re-unite with family I hadn't seen for years!"

What About You?

Do you have an AIR MILES reward miles story of your own? And is the recession affecting what you'd do with your miles - maybe redeem them for merchandise instead of travel? Please leave your Comments below.

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