Waving the Maple Leaf

I have a colleague whose husband welded a flag holder to the front of their home - right under their bedroom window - and inserted a large Canadian flag. That was years ago, and it hasn't come down a day since.

Sometimes it keeps them up at night when the flagpole creaks against the shutters and the material flaps in high winds. And it keeps their teenage daughter in a perpetual state of embarrassment: "WHY are we, like, the ONLY ones in the neighbourhood who fly a flag all year when everybody else only does it on Canada Day?!"

What do you think? Is this overkill, more akin to the American flag-waving tendency? Today, will you be hanging the Maple Leaf on your...

  • Car?
  • Porch?
  • Boat?
  • Pole in the front yard?
  • Dog (sweater motif)?
  • Window?
  • Kid as a cape?
  • Elsewhere?

(Maybe read up on Heritage Canada's "rules for flying the flag" first.)

From Prairie Boy to National Traveler

I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, and have lived in Canada most of my life. And every year - for decades now - as the president of CENTURY 21 Canada, I cross this great nation, ocean to ocean, to talk with real estate agents about how homes are selling in their neck of the Canadian woods.

And no matter how many times I see The Rock loom below on the flight into St. John's, the morning light paint the tops of the Rockies, or all the vast kilometres of forest, lakes, plains and rivers in between - I never fail to feel the awe and pride of being Canadian.

Happy Canada Day. Make it a good one.

Be proud of the red and white.

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  1. Eric McCartney 07/03/2009 at 2:12 PM

    It is my opinion that the Canadian flag is the most recognized flag throughout the world. I am proud to be Canadian and love our flag. I would fly my Canadian flag all year round if the bracket that holds the pole and flag could handle the weight when it freezes. .

    A properly hung Canadian flag can give a property even greater curb appeal in my opinion. Within my listings and Web sites, I always fly the Canadian flag.



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