We Want to Talk21 with You

Homes play a big part in our lives, no matter what size or shape or city they're in...

Most of us know that 'new house' smell (aaaah!) walking into empty rooms carrying our belongings. Some of us have experienced the joy of buying low/selling high or the anxiety of the opposite.

We move homes for as many reasons as we are human. But always, one thing remains constant: we want - no, we need - to talk about what we're going through.

Home ownership is a big responsibility as well as a joy, and it can be scary, especially when the economy is unpredictable.

The CENTURY 21 Canada Blog 2.0

We're calling our new blog Talk21 to focus on the whole point of blogging: conversation. We could have called it Listen21 since we'll be doing that as much as we'll be talking with you.

My name is Don Lawby. I've been president of CENTURY 21 Canada since 1988, and I've been working in the real estate industry in Canada for more than 35 years.

I love my job and my company, and I've been lucky to hear thousands of Canadians tell their stories about having property. I'm a straight shooter, so I'm going to tell it like I see it from the inside, as a real estate professional, and as a homeowner myself. (I've bought and sold more than 10 houses in my lifetime.)

I will share the Talk21 chair with our Regional Guest Bloggers who represent different housing markets across all of Canada- six men and women who own/manage real estate companies and bring their wisdom, humour and practical advice about buying and selling homes.

We are supported by our national blogging strategist, Heather Angus-Lee and her company PROsocialmedia.

And we all share the floor with YOU. We'll be responding to your questions, concerns, requests; and we'll be talking about what might not get covered about real estate in the media and other places.

Welcome... now, let's Talk21.

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