We Work Hard for the Money... the Winner!

Recently Money.ca MSN ran an 8-part series, "Canada's Most Stressful Jobs" - one of which is the real estate agent. According to the leading website, the working life of a realtor includes:

  • 47.5 hours on average each week worked
  • No pay until a sale is made
  • No time off - must be near your phone, constantly being 'on'
  • An extremely competitive industry, especially of late due to changing rules on the Internet and fluctuating economy

A few weeks ago, we launched our "We Work Hard for the Money" contest - inviting all CENTURY 21 system members to submit their stories about working hard - for a chance to win 1,000 AIR MILES reward miles.

Our contest is now closed, and we are happy to report on the winners. Thanks to all of you for your submissions with the intent to show Canada that We Work Hard for the Money as professional realtors!

1st Place:

Gary Chambers, an associate with Century 21 Power Realty in Drumheller, Alberta - wins 1,000 AIR MILES Reward Miles for his unique contribution, his "My Tractor is my Mobile Office" video.

He made the video from a web cam mounted in his tractor cab, which is also home to Gary's Blackberry and his Mac Airbook laptop. His auto-drive GPS steer allows Gary to manage his real estate business while working thousands of acres of grain crops farmed by just himself and his father. Whew! That is hard working! Check out the video - very entertaining and informative; watch for the cameo appearances of two coyotes.

2nd Place:

Stephan Rill, a sales representative of Century 21 Seaside Realty Ld. of White Rock, BC.  Two of his clients personally wrote me a long letter of Betrayal, Shame and Redemption centering around their house buying experience before/after Stephan. The full letter - which is real-world storytelling at its best - will be reprinted in full in a coming blog post next week.

3rd Place:

Darlene Eldridge, a broker with Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate in Picton, ON - for her story of a listing realtor who forget to mention housebound pets, and how she "lost" a cat during a showing. A demonstration of great dedication and a hilarious description of Darlene "prancing through their tulips in high heels" after the fleeing felines!

Honourable Mention:

Derryanne Hubbard, a sales representative with Century 21 Executives Realty Ltd. in Vernon, BC - for her video with an unexpected ending (I'm not going to ruin it for you, watch it and see for yourself.)

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