What a Lovely Listing... Not!

Quite the find by Mike Stewart, sales representative with Century 21 In Town Realty in Vancouver, the other day: He discovered a blog titled "It's Lovely! I'll Take it!" written by Sara Lorimer, an American who describes herself on Blogger as "I'm just trying to keep myself sane while we decide if we should move, remodel, or make do."

Her blog, subtitled "A Collection of Poorly Chosen Photos from Real Estate Listings," gets upwards of 19,000 visitors a month - a pretty decent following for a motley collection of real-life photos from online property listings.

Picture Worth 1,000 Words,.. But These Captions Say it All!

These photos are so bad they're good; I defy you not to reach up and scratch your head - the universal sign for "What were they thinking?!?"

If you go to LovelyListing.com, please take a second to read some of Sara's comments. Case in point (Let's pick on Canadian listing photos, shall we?)... she writes of this photo, above right:

"At night the baseball hats wake up and swoop around the house, eating bugs. They avoid hitting the walls by use of sonar. Although people are afraid they might get tangled in their hair, most baseball hats are harmless."

And how about this one: An indoor/outdoor kitchen complete with brick walls and lawnmower (right)!

Showcase Your Best, Not Gaffes

You can bet we will NOT be encouraging any CENTURY 21 realtors to post the likes of "What a Lovely Listing" images on their websites!

In fact, we're always encouraging our realtors to use the function "Showcase 21" within our site, Century21.ca that makes it simple for the display of up to 21 big, bright photos of each property listed. (We've held demos, on how you can shoot 21 photos of ANY place - even a vacant lot.)

Feeling brave? Send us your favourite photo of a home you were selling; post it in the comments section below.

P.S. OK, just one more... can't resist. Below is a cozy Canadian boudoir with a rather disarming sign over the bed.

(This photo is captioned, "Might I suggest wicking pajamas?" by What a Lovely Listing blogger, Sara!)

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