What's your Type?

There are many types of homes to choose from and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Think about your needs before making a decision. Don't forget to look beyond the walls. The neighbourhood surrounding your home can be almost as important as the environment inside of it.


A home containing one dwelling unit, that stands alone and sits on its own lot thereby offering a greater degree of privacy.


A single-family home that is joined to another one by a common wall. It can offer many of the advantages of a single-family detached home and is usually less expensive to buy and maintain.


Two single-family homes located one above the other in a building. Often, the owner lives in one unit and rents the other.

Row House or Townhouse

Many similar single-family homes, side-by-side, separated by common walls. They can be freehold, condominiums, or rental units. They offer less privacy than a single-family detached home but still provide a separate outdoor space. These homes can cost less to buy and maintain — but they can also be large, luxury units.

Stacked Townhouse

Usually consists of two-storey homes stacked one on top of the other in a row of four or more homes. The units may have more than one level. All units have direct access from the outside.

Link or Carriage Home

Houses joined by garages or carports which provide access to the front and back yards. Builders sometimes join basement walls so that link houses appear to be single-family homes on small lots. These houses can be less expensive than single-family detached homes.

Manufactured Home

A factory-built single-family home that is transported to your chosen location and placed on a foundation. The term manufactured home has replaced the term “mobile home.”

Modular Home

Also a factory-built single-family home constructed in compliance with local building codes. The home is typically shipped to a location in two or more sections and placed on a foundation.


A condominium is a form of ownership, not a type of construction. Condominiums can be high-rise residential buildings, townhouse complexes, individual houses and low-rise residential buildings. Condos are also known as "stratas" in British Columbia, and as "syndicates of co-ownership" in Quebec.

Neelu Nijjar is a sales representative with Century 21 Miller Real Estate in Oakville, Ontario.

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